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We are dedicated to conducting business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, both nationally and internationally. We seek to use suppliers who share our commitments and agree to abide by all applicable laws. We screen suppliers on many business-related criteria, as well as their compliance with matters of law.  We seek partners that comply with government regulations, including those concerning human ethics.  Our current contracting practices require our suppliers to comply with all applicable laws, which includes without limitation, all applicable manufacturing, human trafficking, slavery, child labor and labor laws. We conduct periodic on-site visits to our manufacturing and distribution facilities, which may be announced or unannounced, during which our employees, third party auditors and/or other designated associates inspect facilities and observe conditions and practices, as well as the supplier’s compliance with our global supplier quality expectations. We maintain accountability standards, including a Code of Conduct for our employees.  If we determine that our employees or suppliers are engaged in slavery or human trafficking, our employees will be disciplined, up to and including termination, and we maintain the right to terminate the business relationship with our suppliers for failure to comply with applicable laws. All of our employees who are involved in supplier quality management are periodically trained on administering our supplier quality expectations. In addition, all employees are informed of and have access to our Code of Conduct.